27 Never Looked Better

🎉As I approach 27, 🎉


I can say this year has not turned out as I expected. Last year I was celebrating being engaged and moving into our first place as a family, and let's not forget getting ready for a business launch


This year I approach a new chapter! Now that my business has launched, I'm looking into a new storefront! Not only that, I have made new friends that empower and push me every day


I also am starting a new chapter of redefining what family means to me. As covid has brought families closer, it also tore many families apart. I am excited to start this new journey with Sieanna. She has always been my inspiration and strength.


Also, I'm approaching my last semester of school. I cannot wait to graduate this September. I have to thank all my closest friends and family for pushing me and supporting me to be the best person I could be. I will never stop pushing, and this year is the year to reflect. To focus on baby steps and not run full force ahead.


I'm so excited to see what all the blessing God has to offer, and I'm also so happy to share my struggles and success.




Ciearra Powell

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