The Importantance Of Play

Why It Is Important to Have Playtime With Your Kids

Are you one of the parents today who struggle to find some quality time with their children? Are you too consumed with the many responsibilities you have to do every day that playing with your kids has taken the back seat?

We’re pretty sure you don’t do this on purpose, and there are times when you do get the time, but you’re too exhausted that all you want is to get some alone time to reset your mind and simply relax. 

Indeed, being a parent is hard, especially in today’s fast-paced life. As you go through the motions of modernity around you, you need to instill in your mind that when it comes to playmates, you are your child’s favorite. 

There’s More to Play Than Meets the Eye

When we think about “play,” we only think about the act itself—how it can be entertaining and fun. However, there’s more to play than that. Play, especially in young children, helps with their development. 

Children can develop their imagination, dexterity, cognitive, physical, and emotional strength. Furthermore, it helps with healthy brain development. Through play, kids can interact with the people around them, and what better way to experience it but with you, right? 

Another thing that we forget about play is that it encourages children to explore new things at their own pace. In turn, they can learn new things, master physical agility, and figure things out on their own that will teach them the value of independence. It is also during playtime when kids learn leadership skills. 

Your Involvement Is a Game-Changer

Sure, you can bring your children to the park, to the daycare, and even on play dates so they can play with other people, but nothing beats parent involvement in play. 

As parents, you want your kids to learn from you. At the same time, you want to be the one to teach them about many things that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives. As your child interacts with you during play, they will learn how to behave in social settings, and you can guide them exactly how you want them to behave best based on your core values.

Another thing is parents provide more mature and varied forms of play because they already know a lot about the world. Therefore, playing with parents can help widen the imaginations of young children. 

Finally, taking time to play with your children will help build strong relationships. It adds vitality, joy, and resilience to relationships. Play can even heal disagreements and hurt. Through play, kids can learn to trust you and feel safe. 


No matter how busy your day gets, take time to play with your kids, even for a few minutes every day. Doing so will make you feel more involved in your child’s development, and your kid will definitely enjoy every minute of it. Enjoy your one-on-one time as you help your child develop their skills!

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