Num Nums

A is for Apple

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Vegan. Gluten & nut-free. 6+ months. 16 cubes per bag, average serving size 1-2 cubes per meal. ORGANIC LOCALLY SOURCED INGREDIENTS, MADE FRESH AND DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR.
STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Keep frozen until thawing and warming. Num Nums© Organic Baby Food can be stored in the freezer for up to 3 months. DO NOT refreeze thawed baby food.
Overnight: Place cubes in an airtight container and let thaw overnight in the refrigerator. Num Nums© can be enjoyed warm or at room temperature. Thawing in warm water: Thaw & heat cubes by using the double boiler method. Place cubes in a small bowl, then place the bowl in a larger bowl filled with hot water. Use caution around steam. Test temperature & enjoy!
Stove Top: Warm thawed baby food cubes in a saucepan using a low heat setting. Stir to ensure even heating—test temperature before feeding your baby.
Microwave: Thaw & heat cubes in a glass bowl for 15-second intervals, then stir and test the temperature before feeding your baby.