Two Sticks


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Our rocker has no spaces in between the slats so little fingers or toes don’t get caught. It can be used like a balance/wobble board. Stand on the inside with one foot on either side and rock. Adults have been using it for exercise.

Flip it up and climb in and pretend it a boat. Pile blankets and pillows inside and use for a comfortable reading area.

Great for babies pulling up, it gives them something to lean on and if you put a toy at the top, something to reach for. Easy to climb for little ones just starting out.

Big fun in a smaller footprint.

Lean a ramp against it for extended play.

Often this is bought with the small or large pickler to extend the play

This unit is flat packed and will require assembly before use. Instructions and hardware are provided. Most items take about an hour to assemble. If you want us to assemble contact us for a special order request.

Our products are sold with untreated wood. Painting is not necessary to enjoy the product. It’s personal choice to paint your items.


If you have any more questions about products like painting or assembly, take a look at our FAQ page. It covers a wide rage of topics.