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Soft Climbers

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These! We have been developing these for a while. I bought a set on Amazon when my daughter was starting to crawl. When they arrived they smelled bad, like chemicals. I washed it and washed it. Nothing took that funny smell away. I never let her play on them. It was heartbreaking because I spent so much money on them. I decided to make my own.

These have zero off-gassings in the vinyl or foam. We use eco-friendly foam. Highly washable and tear-resistant cover. We use medical-grade vinyl. The surface can be sanitized, great for daycares and preschools. Soft enough to jump on but firm enough to hold a human. We use them around our house for lounging.

Also very comfortable for your Furry Kids! My senior dog couldn’t get on or off the couch. We have been using the set of stairs for him to climb up. He took to it right away and we haven’t looked back.

These will be in your family for years!


Our turnaround time is typically 10 business days. These soft climbers are a 15 to 20 business day turnaround time.